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Email & Text Alerts
Automatically receive the answer to your "Should I Watch?" questions via Email or Text Message. An alert will be sent to you immediately following each game for the teams you are interested in. It's FREE!
Why use ShouldIWatch.com?
Do you record a lot of sports on DVR? Have you ever sat through a blowout loss and wished afterwards that you hadn't watched?
Now, before you start to watch a game you can check with ShouldIWatch to to see if your team got blown out. If so, ShouldIWatch will warn you not to watch, but if it wasn't a blow out loss ShouldIWatch will only tell you it was a good game - without spoiling the outcome.
Sure, your team isn't guaranteed to have won, but at least you'll know that you aren't wasting your time watching a blowout. It saves time and frustration.
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With automatic Text Message and Email alerts you can get your answer right after every game. If you're out and you get an alert that says "Yes, you should watch" then you've got something to look forward to when you get home. But, if the alerts says "No you shouldn't watch", well, then you can stay out later.
And to top it off, your significant other will like ShouldIWatch even more than you.